• Image of Mo'Bots Coloring Book Vol.1

Hello there! You are looking at the Mo'Bots Volume 1 Coloring Book! It has over 60 pages of art and stories telling tales of fun monsters and robots and the adventures they have in their city of Mo’Bot’Tropolis!

I cannot tell you what it means to me to be able to share my work with other fans of art, stories, science fiction, fantasy and those that are children or, like me, still a kid at heart! When I started this book, it was to collect this set of illustrations so I could see what I could create from them. In doing so, I wanted to have fun and write a little tale for each one, and started to fall in love with these little characters all over again.

I created them in the process of 2017’s annual “InkTober” event that happens during the month of October all over the world, and now they are like little buddies to me. I will visit many of them again when I do the event again soon! I hope you find a little place in your hearts too for Picklis Boticus, Ball’ticus, Pump’Tink, or the maniacal Brain’O! They are a fun group of monsters and robots and, along with all of the other wild characters in here, they have given me a gift - an opportunity to share my work with you and to hopefully bring a smile to your face with their stories and art.

Thank you for giving us this chance and enjoy our tales!