• Image of Gift'A'Geek Custom Commission - Head Sketch

Ahoy there!

Welcome to one of the most unique products I can offer in my shop, the "Gift"A"Geek Commission!" I am an avid fan of comics, games and general geekery and I love to draw content from these genres. It is a joy of mine to share in other geek’s geekery too! If you have a special someone in your life who is a fan of these kinds of properties and you are having trouble getting them a truly awesome gift, consider gifting them their own commission!

This version of the commission grants you a custom 8” x 10” pencil head sketch illustration of a character of their choice (please see disclaimer below for details)!

At the time of purchase, you will be emailed a link to download the certificate for this commission. You can print and wrap it or even email it to the recipient. They can contact me as soon as they are ready to discuss the awesome piece we will make together! I will have a few questions for them and they can send me references to ensure I know the goal. I will give them a time line for the piece notify them along the way!

This will be a one of a kind gift and I am honored to make it for the geek in your life (even if that is you, lol!!)!


I live in the United States. Domestic shipping to the contiguous U.S. only on this piece. Sorry, I am fairly new and I am still learning how to take on additional areas in shipping including international. Until I have had more experience, I am limiting the shipping options to ensure I can provide the best service to the areas I start with first. This means you can be international and still gift a piece to a person here in the states and I would be glad to send it to them!
Thank you so much for understanding!

This piece will be shipped flat and secured in a box to ensure it stays in amazing shape as it traverses the lands to get to you! The basic shipping is included in the purchase price.

Thank you and take care!


P.S. Please feel free to ask me a question about this product if needed.

Disclaimer: Please keep the requested illustration at a PG level of content. I am a husband, farther and family man and I choose not to draw things that are overly sexualized, violent or defamatory. Thank you so much for respecting this!